Sports we like to watch and play.


Jacksonville is a city where watching or playing sports is a way of life. There are many sports that are played by kids and professional teams. The sport that most kids play is called Baseball. The sport most kids watch is American football. Jacksonville is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars {football} and the Jacksonville Suns {baseball}. Since we dont have a college team here we have adopted the Florida Gators as our home football team.
Ofcourse we also play and watch other sports. But not as much as these 2.
Soccer (some countries call it football)  is played a lot in other countries. It is very different then our American Football.
Our field, our ball, our players, our uniforms, our goal,  our rules...they are all different.
In fact there are only a few things the same. The teams both have 11 players on the field, the team that scores the most wins, we both get penalties and both games begin with a kick off...and we both have referees.
To learn more about these teams and the rules of their games click on the Logos.

Jacksonville Jaguars 

This link will take you to the rules of the game and how it is played.

Jacksonville Suns

This will show you how it is played.