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Did you know that boats/ships come is many different shapes and sizes. And that some can only be used on the oceans and some just on a river....come and explore with us.....

Lets begin with the smallest boat.
This is a canoe. The indians and pioneers used them a long long time ago. They were made out of wood and dried leather. You needed paddles to row. What do you think the people would use if they lost their paddles?

This is a kayak. Eskimo's use them when they travel over water. They kind of look like the canoe, but they are closed for a part on the top. Can you see that?? And they are made from wood only. You also need paddles to row, but the paddles are much bigger then the canoe ones.

This is called a cutter. This boat is a lot bigger and you need more then one person to safely travel over water. It is a sailboat. Sailboats are made big and small. We call them sailboat because they all have a sail. See the white triangles on top of the boat. These boats don't need paddles. The wind makes them go. The sails catch the wind and make it move over the water.
Now if there is no wind...what do you think the people on the boat have to do to make the boat move??

This is a motorboat. Motor boats are made big and small too. Some just have a seat and a steeringwheel on it. But some, like this one have a deck and a cabin. Do you know what a cabin is?
Its like a little house. You go down some steps and there is a place to sit and sleep, and sometimes even a kitchen and bathroom. Now this boat uses a motor to travell over water. What do you think does the motor need to work.
And what would the captain have to do if he didn't have any left?

This is called a yacht. Its a boat that uses a motor to travel. It is a lot bigger then the motorboat. It has more rooms and goes faster. It is like a small hotel on water. Peolple like to take vacations on a yacht. A yacht can travel on the ocean too.
Yachts are given very pretty names. Can you think of a name that we could call this one?
If you could paint this yacht any color you wanted...what color would you pick?

This is a ship. Ships like this are used on the oceans. And they carry things like fuel, furniture, cars, machines...many things you can't send with an airplane.
A lot of people have to work on a big ship like this. Can you think of some jobs people would have on this ship? And what do you think they are having as "cargo" (thats the word they use for stuff they carry under their deck) ?

Now this is one of the biggest ships there is. It is called an oceanliner, because it is used to bring people from one continent to the other if there is an ocean between them.
If I would want to take a ship from the USA to visit Glaine or Woking, I would have to travel on this ship.
It is an english ship. Remember I told you about people giving ships a name..This one is called "Queen Mary".
A very famous ship was the "Titanic" and another ship that sailed from England to the USA a very very long time ago was called "The Mayflower". This was a sailship. Here in the USA we  celebrate the trip of the Mayflower every year in November. It is one of the special holidays we will tell you about on ouw schoolpage.

This is a cruise ship. These ships are made like a hotel on water. They have a pool, a gym, places to eat, rooms (called cabins) and you can dance and play games. You can even go and watch movies. These boats visit lots of different places far away. If you could choose a place to go with this boat where would you like to go? And who would you like to bring? What do you think you could do for fun on this cruise ship?